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ONE Mobile App

ONE eCommerce - Introducing the new Mobile App

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ONE Mobile App provides an easy to use and “just at your fingertips” mobile service where information is within your reach anytime & anywhere. ONE aims to empower our customers to conduct a variety of transactions online. Learn more about ONE Mobile App via the below video.

ONE eCommerce - Introducing the Enhanced Mobile App

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ONE eCommerce - New mobile app features to enrich your shipping experience

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ONE Mobile App - VGM Submission now available

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ONE Mobile App - Enhanced Navigation

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Main Features

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Upcoming Releases in 2023

ONE is committed to continuously improve and expand our Mobile App features, which will assist our customers in their day to day business operations.



Mini Dashboard.png

Mini Dashboard

Shipment Overview.png

Shipment Overview
- Import

Please check out our ONE Mobile App flyer for a quick introduction of the product.

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The New enhanced “ONE QUOTE” enables customers to receive an instant quotation and place bookings easily anytime, anywhere!

The speed and flexibility of the system will provide shippers with an efficient and streamlined booking experience in today's fast paced environment.

ONE Quote

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Track & Trace

Track & Trace

Customers can track numerous shipments by B/L, Booking, or Container number using "TRACK & TRACE" View the shipment's current position as well as a history of previous shipments.

View the event status of all your loaded shipments in the Visibility Summary, and store your shipments to My tracking for convenient access.

Active Shipments defaulted within 2 weeks from current date can be further customized using the filter option and arriving & departing shipments can be extended to a maximum of a one month view.

Track _ Trace

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Mini Dashboard

Mini Dashboard

The Mini Dashboard is a powerful tool that offers you a convenient and comprehensive overview of your latest booking statuses, shipping instructions, and bills of lading. With just a glance, you can access key information, facilitating efficient management of your shipments and streamlining the decision-making process. 

Stay in control and make informed choices with the Mini Dashboard, optimizing your shipping operations for enhanced productivity and success.

Mini Dashboard

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Schedule Enquiry


Customers can access the latest vessel schedule updates from ONE directly on the app. “SCHEDULE” can be searched using parameter such as Port to Port, Port Information or Vessel Name.

Customer can also expand the results to get more information such as Terminal Information, Service Lane, arriving, Berthing, Departure Time/Status and Port Cut off time.

Schedule Enquiry

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Eco Calculator


Customers can leverage on newest feature - Eco Calculator to calculator carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from ONE’s operating vessel.

The Eco Calculator enables you to filter emissions by type, container type and cargo volume with preferred unit type. It provides the total distance and total CO2 emissions from Place of Receipt to Place of Delivery, including door locations.

For more information, the Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

Eco Calculator

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Shipment Overview

Shipment Overview

Export Shipment Overview

Our mobile starter kit empowers users with valuable insights into their shipments, enabling informed decision-making. With this feature, you can effortlessly:

  • Track Shipment Status across all booking channels in real-time.
  • Access comprehensive Shipment Details, encompassing the shipment lifecycle, trip information, documentation, and container specifics.
  • Stay in control of your shipments with this powerful tool, ensuring streamlined operations and better outcomes for your business.
Export Shipment

Import Shipment Overview

Our mobile starter kit offers a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use search criteria, allowing you to customize search results based on your specific needs.

With this feature, you can efficiently:

  • Monitor Shipment Status for crucial milestones, including Arrival Notice, OBL Surrender, Invoice, Payment, Customs/Manifest-related updates, and OBL Received Status.
  • Seamlessly generate and send Arrival and Surrender Notices through print or email.

Experience simplicity and efficiency in managing your shipments with our mobile app, streamlining your workflow for greater productivity. 

Import Shipment

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Live Chat


Through “LIVE CHAT”, customers can connect with live chat support for quick responses on their queries. Operating hours for live are determined by the business hours of the respective countries.

 Live Chat

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Corporate News


CORPORATE NEWS” provides access to ONE’s News articles, Customer Advisories, Press Releases and CSR News. Through this feature, customers can get an information updates via a push notification alert.



Discover more digital solutions we offer at ONE that may suit your needs.



NOTIFICATION” on subscription done via eCommerce will be captured directly on the Notification Page of Mobile App. This removes the hassle looking out for notifications via email and then heading to the app.

Notification alerts will also be provided via Push notification on the Customer’s chosen device.


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This features allows Customer to submit “VGM” weight information using either of the 2 methods listed below after which, ONE submits VGM information to Port of Load Terminal within a certain timeline.

Method 1: Submission of actual VGM weight

Method 2: Submission of Cargo Weight which the system will calculate an estimated weight using the formula: Cargo Weight + Container Tare Weight


Discover more digital solutions we offer at ONE that may suit your needs.

Other Features


GLOBAL DIRECTORY” provides the contact details of ONE Offices worldwide.

Global Directory

SERVICE MAP” option will allow the customers to browse all ONE service maps which covers over 100 countries. It will also allow them to view and download the service maps for all regions in PDF format.

Service Map

FAQ” provide a set of most asked questions and answers in relation to using the various functions on the mobile app.


Apart from using the BL/Booking No. or Container No. to enter and search on each feature, users can pull out all general information with one click from the “GLOBAL SEARCH” on Homepage.

On the result page, the app shows the shipment Overview, users are able to access more detailed shipment information by selecting the function button on each Track and Trace, VGM, Freedays + D&D tabs.

Global Search

The “FREEDAYS + D&D” allows users to inquire about the Demurrage, Detention fees and also Free days number for their Bookings, Containers.

This feature requires users to login to fully experience the functionality, and now it’s available on Import shipments for the countries below

Available Countries (As of Dec 2022)

  • Central & North China
  • Hong Kong & South China
  • Taiwan
  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Puerto Rico
  • Paraguay
  • EI Salvador
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Uruguay
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Thailand
  • United States of America
  • Canada

Discover more digital solutions we offer at ONE that may suit your needs.

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Do you have questions about ONE Mobile App? Please check out below ONE Mobile App FAQ and learn more about this digital solution.


Why should I use the log in option of the mobile app?

Logging in offers you the opportunity to access detailed shipment information and the option to subscribe to pro-active alerts and/or push notifications. To enjoy these and other features, simply use the same credentials used to access our web-based eCommerce platform.

How long will it take for my eCommerce user account application to be processed?

We aim to process new applications within 24 hours.

How will I receive the outcome of my ONE eCommerce user account application?

We will use the email address provided in the application to inform you about the outcome of your application.

Where can I find ONE’s privacy policy, terms of use and other legal documents governing the use of our mobile app?

Policies and guidelines are available under the side panel by tapping the "About ONE" button, there you will find a brief company profile, our terms of use, our privacy policy, disclaimer and copyright notification.

Question 5


Where do I find Schedule Enquiry in Mobile App?

Simply tap the Schedule Enquiry icon to explore the status of your shipments.

Question 29

Do I need to login to use Schedule Enquiry?

This feature is open for all type of Customers (log-in or non-Login).

Question 30

How can I share the result of Schedule Enquiry?

Use the sharing Icon to generate a file in csv or pdf for sharing in any 3rd party platform connected to your device.

Question 31

ONE Quote

What is the difference between ONE QUOTE in the mobile app versus ONE QUOTE in ONE eCommerce (website)?

There is no difference, our mobile offers an additional channel to connect with exactly the same ONE QUOTE feature.

How can I add the "quote to booking" to my mobile app account?

Select the ONE QUOTE icon and the application will redirect you to our eCommerce platform. Here you will be able to use our "quote to booking" feature as usual.

How to monitor the submitted bookings in ONE QUOTE?

ONE QUOTE has a dashboard available for managing and monitoring your bookings.


Do I need to login to use VGM?

This feature required login. Use your eCommerce login credentials to login to our Mobile App

Question 39

Where can I find the VGM input feature?

Simply tap the VGM icon at the homepage and you will be able to see the VGM input selection.

Question 40

Where can I update my VGM information?

Select the VGM Input, search for your Booking or Container. If multiple Containers are in one Booking, select the particular Container and input the VGM value in the appropriate field. Click on submit button to submit VGM.

Question 41_1
Question 41_2

Will the system accept VGM weight unit in LBS?

Yes, the system will automatically convert to KGS to be uploaded in our backend system.

Question 42

Can I share the result of VGM Info search?

No, there is no sharing feature for this function.

If I submit Cargo Weight instead of VGM, will the Mobile App be able to calculate my VGM?

Yes, we the system will capture the submitted Cargo Weight and calculate the estimated VGM weight using a formula Cargo Weight + Tare Weight. The calculated VGM will be uploaded in our backend system.

Question 44

Will the system accept Cargo Weight unit in LBS?

Yes, the system will automatically convert to KGS and calculate the estimated VGM weight using a formula Cargo Weight + Container Tare Weight. The calculated VGM will be uploaded in our backend system.

Question 45

What should be updated in the Signatory?

Name of the person responsible at the Customer's side for VGM submission.

Question 46

How can I validate if my VGM submitted weight is already declared to Port of Load terminal?

In VGM info Search, the Declared VGM column will be showing "NOT YET DECLARED". This means that VGM weight have not yet been announced to Port of Load Terminal by ONE. Weight value will be shown in Declared VGM column once ONE has submitted the loading documents to the Terminal office.

Question 47

Is there a function to validate Container Tare Weight?

Yes, simply tap the VGM icon at the homepage and you will be able to see Container Tare Weight Search. If you are already in VGM Input function, you can simply shift the tab to Tare Weight for search.

Question 48

Can I search for multiple Bookings and Containers?

Yes for VGM Input, the feature have separate tabs for Booking and Container, please select the correct tab for search. You can click on ADD ROW for multiple entry after the first entry added.

Question 49

Is there a recent search history in VGM feature?

Yes, the App will store 5 latest search history in all tabs of VGM function, VGM Input, VGM Info, and Tare Weight. Simply click on the clock icon before the Search button.

Question 50

Track and Trace

Where do I find track and trace in the mobile app?

Simply tap the track and trace icon to explore the status of your shipments

Question 8

Do I need to login to use track and trace?

Basic track and trace is open for everyone. Some features, however, will only be available once logged in. Login users for example will be able to use our ‘go to my tracking’ feature. ‘Go to my tracking’ stores bookmarked searches enabling you to check the latest status of your cargo without manual input

What do I need to track and trace a shipment in the app?

Simply select how you wish to perform your search and input the Ocean Network Express booking number, container number or combination accordingly.

Question 10

What kind of information will I be able to retrieve in the mobile track and trace app?

Track and Trace provides the following information:

  1. Container Details
  2. Origin / Destination information
  3. Sailing information which provides vessel name and ETD/ETA of origin and destination ports
  4. Cargo Details Information which provides the shipment milestones.


Question 11

What is the use of "Go to my Tracking"?

This feature will store the selected Bookings/Containers that were bookmarked for Customer to have quick access to the tracking details being monitored instead of having to manual input again for search.

Question 12

Which shipments appear under "Recent Search"?

Your last five searches will appear under "Recent Search" for easy re-search.

Question 13

How many searches can be performed per search?

You will be able to input ten entries (booking numbers, containers or a mix of both) in one search order.

Question 14

How can I remove an entry?

Simply tap the Trash icon within the entry line and the entry will disappear.

Question 15

How can I add an entry?

Simply tap "Add row" for an additional line to appear.

Question 16

How do I search a combination of Bookings and Containers?

Customer must select criteria as "ALL" to be able to search for both Bookings and Containers.

Question 17

How to use the QR scanning feature?

Customer can use the QR code Icon which will open a camera to scan a document with QR code provided by ONE (B/L Copy, Arrival Notice, Delivery Order) which automatically populates B/L # in the search field.

Question 18

What is the difference between ‘coastal’ and ‘actual’ as indicated under ‘sailing information’?

Coastal: refers to the estimated arrival or departure of a vessel.
Actual: refers to the actual arrival or departure of a vessel.

Question 19

Which credentials are required to access "Go to My Tracking"?

Just use the same credentials used to access our web-based eCommerce platform.

Question 20

Where can I find the Documentation Status when using Track and Trace search?

You have to login to view this information as part of the search result. It is shown after the Cut-off information.

Question 21

Am I able to share the Track and Trace result to my colleagues?

By using the sharing option in Cargo Details information, you will be able to share the result via various social media platform or even save the result in your mobile device for future reference.

Question 22

What is the comment section for?

The comment section displays all the comments related to rail movements when available such as rail congestion if any.

Question 23

What is the Cargo Release and Customs for?

This information is mainly for US bound shipments, where Customer will be provided with information relating to Cargo release requirements such as OBL Received date, Customs Clearance, Ocean Freight collection and others.

Question 24

What is provided in the Rail Tracking Information?

This section provides details of rail movement both at the outbound and inbound side when shipment is connected to rail move.

Question 25

How can I access "Active Shipments"?

This feature is only visible to login users. Active shipment Tab will be available in the Track and Trace homepage. This provides a snapshot of Departing and Arriving shipments within 2 weeks from the date of search.

Question 26

Customer Service/Live Chat

Can I use the chatbot even without login credentials?

Yes, chat service does not require login credentials except for some intents that system may require you to do so while using the chat application. However please note that chat service is not available to all locations at of the moment. Depending on your App Settings location, if chat service is available, the chat bubble will be visible in the App homepage during the live chat agents' working hours.

In case my live chat agent is not handling a specific area, or I would like to chat with an agent in a different country - can I change my live agent?

Yes, you can. Just go to App Setting and select change location.

Question 28


What is the coverage of push notification alert?

All subscription done via eCommerce in eSubscription and Event Notification.

How can I enable or disable the push notification in my device?

The default setting of push notification is enabled upon log-in. If you want to disable, go to Mobile App settings and select Push notification menu and choose which Event notification needs to be disabled.

Question 33

Why are the push notification settings greyed-out in my device?

The settings for Push notification will only be enabled once you login to the Application.

Question 34

When can I receive push notification in my device?

You need to be login to the Application for the Push Notification to work.

Once I login to the Application, will that be maintained until I logout of the Application?

Only for idled Customer or no acitivity in the Application for maximum of 90 days will be automatically signed out.

Can I manage my subscription via the Mobile App?

No, the management of subscription of event notification and eSubscription is done via our eCommerce platform.

Is the push notification of News also requiring login credentials to the Application?

No, All Customers (login or non-login) will be able to receive News push notification.

Question 38


Discover more digital solutions we offer at ONE that may suit your needs.


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Discover more digital solutions we offer at ONE that may suit your needs.